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Welcome to my webpage!

My name is Angelika and I am a Dancer, Painter and Photographer.

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Drawings & Paintings

I always loved to draw and paint and through that medium I can express myself to show my mood, my feelings and my thoughts. I only do my art work with professional tools and equipment. For drawings I always use Caran Da'Ache pencil and color pencils. For Posters and Cartoon Drawings I use Chameleon Pens. 


I remember the time when I got my first camera. It was an amazing feeling when I realized that I can capture a perfect moments and show not only the beauty of Human Been but also focus on current society issues. 

Other Art

When I have some time to relax I do enjoy just sit on my craft works. I focus on doing some Scrapbooking pieces but also I love doing Jewelry. I use Soutache technique but also I create Jewelry pieces and decoration embellishment with polymer clay.